Mark McGrath Already Planning Acting Career For His Kids?

Mark McGrath
Mark McGrath

Mark McGrath’s twins are eleven months old and the proud dad is getting ready for their 1st birthday party.

McGrath and his wife Carin will be doing a Peek-a-Boo, I Love You theme birthday party for twins Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace.

McGrath joked that their first birthday party is just a glimpse into the future of his kids’ lives.

“Yes, it starts early out there Los Angeles,” he told People magazine.

“Wait until they got to go to preschool and do the 8×10 head shots and the auditions. It’s crazy.”

Would McGrath really want his twins to get into the acting biz? Or was he just kidding?

I hope he was just kidding as I’m sure he was and let his kids be kids for a while!  I can’t imagine starting your kids out in Hollywood so young.

“I can’t even articulate my love for these children … to go away and come home and see their faces and see them recognize you. I mean, I used to be happy when I came home and my dogs recognized me!” the new dad, 43, joked.

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