Mark Sanford's Mistress Maria Belen Shapur Is A Swimsuit Model,Gets Playboy Offer??



South Carolina gov. Mark Sanford’s mistress, Maria Belen Shapur, probably never thought she’d be in the news.  However, she’s in the spotlight now, whether she likes it or not!

Sources close to Shapur say she is a former “swimsuit model” and Sanford himself describes her as a well endowed beauty.  I’m sure his wife and kids totally appreciate that statement.

Angela Carson from The National Ledger is predicting photo offers to Sanford’s lover and she could probably rake in a pretty penny if she takes any up.

But, I’m sure Ms. Shapur wants to stay hidden, not only to protect herself but her children.

What a mess gov. Mark Sanford has created.  How hurtful and humiliating for his family.

Ugh, what is with these MARRIED politicians who can’t keep it in their pants?



Mark Sanford Emails To Mistress