Mark Sanford's Wife Gets A Book Deal


jenny-sanford-sonsComing soon to a coffee table near you, it’s Jenny Sanford’s tell-all book about the governor who loves to step out for a nice “hike the Appalachian Trail.” Still technically the First Lady of South Carolina, although she’s already moved out of the Governor’s mansion, Jenny Sanford has inked a deal to share her misery memoirs with us all.

I’ve heard rumors that the Governor and his wife were trying to patch things up, but judging from this book deal, it seems rather unlikely.

Ballantine Books stepped up to the table to publish Jenny’s not-yet-titled autobiography. I hope she thinks of a clever knife-twisting title for her manifesto.

The bio will reportedly cover the reasons why she gave up her successful investment banking career to have a family with Mark, her life in the public eye, and then of course the extremely public affair where Mark Sanford was declared “missing” on the Appalachian Trail while he was actually shacking up with some woman in Argentina.

Jenny Sanford is such a sympathetic figure in the whole scandal, I hope it’s a bestseller.