Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham Expecting Again?


mark-wahlberg-rhea-pregnantI know Mark Wahlberg  and his new wife Rhea just got married but they have more news.  Rhea is rumored to be pregnant again.

Sources are saying that Rhea isn’t newly pregnant. She’s far enough along to know that they are expecting a baby girl.

The news came just a couple of days before the wedding, “Just days before the wedding, Mark and Rhea got the news that the baby she’s expecting is a girl. They’re thrilled to be welcoming their fourth child and so happy to have finally become husband and wife.”

No one is putting any stop to the rumors, and when asked they just say no comment.

Mark and Rhea have three kids, Ella Michael and Brendan. A brand new baby would make four kids under seven years of age.

Congratulations to their family.

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