Mark Wahlberg On Battling His Son


mark-wahlberg-son-boxing-parentingMark Wahlberg has how many kids now? It’s a bunch, I know.

He was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel about life in general and ended up making a metaphorical statement about parenting.

He talked about how his 4-year -old son is obsessed with boxing.

“My son is obsessed with boxing. I took him to see Manny Pacquiao yesterday at the Wild Card Gym [in Hollywood]. I have a boxing ring at home because I did [the film The Fighter], so I put up a ring in my backyard. As soon as we got home he wanted to go in the ring and just pound the crap out of me. And we did that again today. He puts on the gloves, he tells me to get on my hands and my knees and put my hands behind my back and he just punches me as hard as he can…Fun for him, not for me. The kid’s starting to hit hard, I had a bit of a headache.”

Doesn’t that seem like parenthood in a nutshell?

You love watching your kids grow and test their boundaries, but really you just end up feeling like you’ve had the crud be out of you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but everyday is a battle. They test their boundaries and I fight to keep them safe. Fighting with my hands behind my back while wearing a blindfold.

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