Mark Zuckerberg on SNL: Is Zuckerberg The First Rock Star Geek?


SNL-MarkZuckerbergIs Mark Zuckerberg the first geek to achieve rock star status?  The founder of Facebook is one of the youngest billionaires on the planet but he’s been portrayed in a Oscar nominated film and he was on Saturday Night Live last night with Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who played the Facebook founder in The Social Network. After his gig on SNL, I think Zuckerberg is officially the first geek ROCK STAR.

Producer of The Social Network Scott Rudin said that dealing with Facebook during the development and making of film was a very time-consuming task since “Facebook was asserting that the movie wasn’t going to be truthful about founder Mark Zuckerberg.”

“Once it opened, they calmed down,” Rudin said of Facebook. “They went from feeling that we were going to be tough on Mark to feeling like we had made him look like a rock star.”

Last night on SNL, when the real Zuckerberg and met the actor who played him on film, Jesse Eisenberg told the Facebook founder that he “liked him on 60 Minutes” and then asked if he had seen The Social Network. Zuckerberg said that he had seen the film and that it was “interesting.”

Then Mark Zuckerberg introduced the musical guest and Eisenberg and Zuckerberg high-fived! The Facebook founder was awesome and I thought he did a great job.  Great move for Zuckerberg to come on and poke fun at himself.

Mark Zuckerberg was on stage for the end of the show as well as the beginning. Zuckerberg gives host Einsenberg a hug. I’m sorry but I think he’s adorable.  What did you think of Mark Zuckerberg on SNL?

Photo: SNL/NBC