Married Brazilian Soccer Star Allegedly Kills Girlfriend Because She Chose To Keep Their Baby


Get ready for the most disgusting, sick and twisted story you will be hearing for (hopefully) a long time. Brazilian soccer star Bruno Fernandes, strangled his girlfriend and mother of their four month old child and fed her to the dogs.

Bruno, who is married to Dayane Souza, reportedly became angry when his girlfriend Eliza Samudio became pregnant and refused to get rid of the child. She had the baby and has been insisting he acknowledge the child. He would not.

Eliza, just 25 years old, disappeared a month ago with almost no trace. A teenage cousin of Bruno’s came forward with evidence against the soccer player. When police issued an arrest warrant, Bruno denied denied any wrongdoing, and said he has a “clear conscience”.

But evidence is pointing to the contrary. Traces of Eliza’s blood were discovered in Bruno’s car. It is also suspected he did not commit the crime alone, but had help from his wife and friends.

Flamengo, the team Bruno plays for, have suspended his contract and his use of the club’s lawyer.

Bruno’s one regret: That the allegations could damage his chances of playing for Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals.


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