Martha Stewart April Fool's Day Prank: Martha Has Coughing Attack, Makes Warmup Guy Fill In (Video)

martha stewart april fools day prank on joey kola warmup guy
Watch Martha Stewart's April Fool's Day prank!

Watch Martha Stewart pull an April Fool’s Day prank on her warmup guy, Joey Kola, in this video clip.

Martha, you trickster!!

During an egg craft segment, Martha Stewart appears to have a coughing attack and signals for Joey Kola to fill in for her.

Joey Kola, the comedian who warms up Martha Stewart’s audience, says he’ll do it and Martha instructs him to read off the teleprompter as she sips on some tea.

Joey is off and reading, as she croaks out to him, “slower,” and he changes speed a bit to announce the guest.

The guest tries to put him at ease, as he’s obviously nervous, and he says, “I’m worried about our host.”

Later in the segment, Martha Stewart comes on camera with cue cards that read “Enough’s Enough,” followed by “April Fool’s.”

Afterwards, Joey Kola shows Martha how much his hands were shaking!