Martha Stewart Teaches Her Granddaughter Table Manners (Photos)


It looks like Martha Stewart is passing along her good manners!

The Queen of Etiquette was seen lunching with her granddaughter, 2 year-old Jude, at a bistro in New York City. Little Jude’s mother is Martha’s daughter, Alexis.

Martha tucked a napkin into Jude’s dress to keep her spill-free, helped her sip through her straw, and even showed her how to read the menu.

Adorable Jude looked happy to be having a special lunch with her grandmother, Martha.

  • Martha Stewart 1 of 6

    Martha Stewart lunches with her angelic, 2 year-old granddaughter, Jude.

  • Look Alike 2 of 6

    Martha and little Jude look so much alike- bright blonde hair and all!

  • Sipping 3 of 6

    Miss Manners Martha helps Jude sip through a straw.

  • All By Herself 4 of 6

    Look! Jude's sipping through the straw all by herself!

  • Hairstyle 5 of 6

    Whoever did Jude's hair that morning sure got creative, clipping a blonde braid behind her ear. Do you think it was grandma Martha?

  • Menu 6 of 6

    What should we order? Martha looks over the menu with Jude.

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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