Martin Sheen on Charlie Sheen: Addiction is a Cancer

charlie sheen interview
Martin Sheen weighs in on son Charlie Sheen

Watching Charlie Sheen Today Show interviews is a bit like watching a train wreck.  If you missed yesterday’s interview, you can watch it here

Charlie Sheen asked for a follow up interview with the Today Show, so we got to watch more this morning.  Charlie Sheen is confident that he will come out on top and feels better than ever.  He even thinks he’ll be returning to Two and a Half Men soon.

What does his dad think? Martin Sheen on Charlie Sheen:

Martin Sheen said that addiction is a form of cancer and he’ll be there, loving his son and lifting him up. But, Charlie Sheen says he doesn’t want to be treated like a child.

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You can see more of Martin Sheen on Charlie Sheen on his Sky Radio interview.

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