Mary Ann Mobley's Husband Gary Collins Sought For Hit And Run?

mary ann mobley gary collins
Mary Ann Mobley and Gary Collins

Mary Ann Mobley’s husband Gary Collins has found himself in a bit of trouble. The former Miss America has been married to Gary Collins since 1967 and they have 1 daughter together.

Collins currently has a warrant out for him after he is being accused of leaving the scene of a crime after he was involved in a car accident in Mississippi. Collins exchanged his information with the driver of the other vehicle after the accident, but left once he felt the police were taking too long to respond.

Mobley was crowned Miss America in 1959 and later went on to have a pretty successful acting career. She’s currently in remission after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2009.

Mobley and Collins were in Mississippi dealing with Mobley’s mother’s estate after her recent death.