Mary-Kate Olsen Wouldn't Wish Her Childhood On Anyone


Showbiz twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seem to have lived a pretty charm life–practically from birth. The veteran actresses and mini moguls, who are now 24 (the same age as Lindsay Lohan), got their start in the industry quite early, as infants on the ever-popular Full House. That show propelled them into outrageous fame and fortune, and they’ve never looked back. Or, have they?

Mary-Kate, who will be starring in the upcoming Vanessa Hudgens horror film, Beastly, recently opened up to Marie Claire about her child-star days, and how they may not have been the best time. “I look at old photos of me, and I don’t feel connected to them at all,” she said. “I would never wish my upbringing on anyone…but I wouldn’t take it back for the world.”

The star, who has been scrutinized heavily for her past eating disorder and her friendship with the late star, Heath Ledger, following his death referred to herself as a child as a “little monkey performer.” Quite a low blow to her parents, eh?

Is every child star bound to fall into trouble in some way–whether it’s drugs, crime, eating disorders, or just plain unhappiness? And what sort of responsibility do the parents have here?


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