Mary Louise Parker Talks About Her Inner Wednesday Addams


Mary Louise Parker has made quite a mark as the suburban-mom-turned-pot-dealer on the hit show Weeds. But playing the queen of primetime darkness, Nancy Botwin, may not be such a tough stretch for the actress.

In fact, she kind of considers herself similar to her character–you know, minus the whole drug-dealing part. “I’ve always been a darker person, a little Wednesday Addams girl,” the mom to son William Atticus and daughter Ash, said to (And if she ever does decide to go into some illegal work, she did say she’s learned “that you can make marijuana into cupcakes and lollipops” from her show.)

But not everything about this mysterious mom is dark and rebellious. She actually has a hard-worker streak, and isn’t ashamed to admit it. “I like to work,” she said. “I don’t understand when actors complain… Youre getting paid to act…That I get to do what I love is amazing. I truly feel lucky that I get to do this.”

Let’s hope she picks and chooses what ideals to pass on to her kids in their formative years: Yes to hard-working and graciousness; no to drugs and general negativity.


Photo: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

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