Mason Holland: This Kid Won't Play in the NBA! High Schooler Attacks Ref (Video)


mason hollandFlorida high school student Mason Holland should be hanging his head in shame this morning over his misguided antics on the basketball floor!    The 6’5″ senior most likely ended his chances of going on to play college ball after attacking a referee mid-game and tossing him to the ground.   The entire incident was of course captured on video and shared with the world thanks to YouTube!

Watch Mason Holland’s ultimate act of bad sportsmanship below….

In the epitome of bad sportsmanship, Mason Holland reacted to the news that his actions on the court had resulted in a technical foul by initially pushing the referee and then ultimately physically tossing him to the ground.    It started innocently enough with Holland being called for a foul by pushing an opponent.  He was ejected from the game when he pushed the kid a second time.  Upon being told he would be leaving the game, Holland reacted with a push to the shoulder of the ref and then going after him and pushing in to the ground.  It took his own team and coaches to end the physical attack. The game was immediately ended with Holland’s team forfeiting to the other team and ultimately led to the end of Holland’s high school basketball career.

“I’ve coached 40 years and never seen anything close to that,” said Holland’s Coach Joe Sheridan. “I don’t teach this — I teach boys to be men. I apologize for his behavior to the school and the community. That young man will never play again here at DeSoto.”

At least the coach has the nerve to do what’s right and stop the kid’s antics now!     He may be facing criminal charges for the attack.  Maybe he can learn his lesson and start using some good sportsmanship if he’s given the opportunity to play in college!

What did you think of Mason Holland’s reaction to being ejected from the high school basketball game?

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