Matilda Ledger: Heath Ledger's Parents Talk How She Looks Like Her Dad

Matilda Ledger

The resemblance is uncanny. One look at Matilda Ledger and you can very much see her father, the actor Heath Ledger.

It’s been five years since her dad Health Ledger died from an accidental drug overdose, when Matilda was just two. But his legacy lives on, not just in his films but in his offspring. On the anniversary of his death, Heath’s parents spoke to the magazine New Idea of their son and Matilda.

“Matilda is indeed very much like her dad — she has long limbs and similar features,” his mom said. “However, she also possesses the beauty of her mamma — lucky girl.”

His dad added, “Matilda has the same walk as Heath and is such a respectful little kid she calls us ‘Papa’ and ‘Grandma Sal.’  Our family has the most wonderful relationship with both Matilda and Michelle.  We talk frequently and visit as often as we can.”

It’s so nice to hear that they Matilda still has that connection with her dad’s family even though her dad is no longer here. And now Matilda has a new man in her life, her mother Michelle Williams has been dating actor Jason Segel for a year now!


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