Matt Lauer Kayne West Interview: When Will Kayne Grow Up? (Video)


matt lauer kayne westEven when he’s trying to apologize Kayne West just can’t seem to get it right!  In an interview on Today, Kayne West made a mess of what seemed to be a genuine apology to President George W. Bush for his antics during a fund raising effort following Hurricane Katrina.  The infamous incident including West declaring that the then President didn’t care about black people.

While he used his words to try to explain his actions, West became visibly upset when confronted with video of his own behavior in the past.  

Keep reading to see the Matt Lauer Kanye West video.


Following a rambling, stuttering apology aimed towards the former President, Matt Lauer attempted to move the conversation forward to a more important topic – country princess Taylor Swift.  As audio from last year’s MTV Music Awards played West’s interruption of Taylor’s acceptance speech, Kayne grew more and more irate at the entire situation ultimately demanding that the audio be turned off.  

Apparently we can’t have a year in which Kayne West doesn’t do something to embarass himself on television!

What do you think of the Matt Lauer Kayne West interview?

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