PDA Alert! Matt Lauer Marriage is Very Much ON (PHOTOS)


Matt Lauer, Annette Roque

Matt Lauer, Annette Roque. and kids further dispelled rumors that the Lauer marriage is on the rocks when they were spotted boating in the Hamptons earlier this week. The family was joined by friends and, as you can see on the left, Matt and Annette thoroughly enjoyed themselves. More photos below.

Matt stayed dry, but Annette donned a wet suit and hit the water, as did son Jack. Temps were hitting record highs in New York, so the swim likely provided some relief.

Speaking of relief, it’s a thrill to see the family intact. This year hasn’t been kind on celebrity relationships. So far in 2010 the following celebrity parents have parted ways: TIger Woods and Elin Nordegren, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Al and Tipper Gore, Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, Tiki Barber and Ginny Cha, Tammy and Melissa Etheridge. Those are the biggies, though there are plenty more. Some of the splits, and ensuing custody battles, have been nastier than others. One things for sure, though, when kids are involved, it’s always most heartening to see a family that sticks together and makes it work. And as the top photo shows, in the case of the Lauers, making it work isn’t just an act. This marriage is real.

Matt Lauer, Annette Roque, Jack LauerMatt Lauer, Annette Roque, Jack Lauer


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