Matt LeBlanc Gets A Haircut ... Didn't You Need To Know That! (Photos)

Matt LeBlanc

I really like Matt LeBlanc! I am sure I can hear the paparazzi now!! Yo MATT!!! Yo JOEY!!! Smile for the camera!

Well, Matt LeBlanc was spotted after getting a hair cut out and about in Los Angeles and well,  he really didn’t look anything like his old Joey days. He looks like he is has been bulking up! And I am a LOVER of his show Episodes and he even looks different then he is on the show!  They did do a funny episode about him putting on weight!  But he still looked lovable!
Check out the photos below!

  • Matt Leblanc, 1 of 5
    Matt Leblanc,
    Matt LeBlanc looks like the all american guy wearing a Coke shirt
  • Hair Cut? 2 of 5
    Hair Cut?
    Apparently Outlaw Barbershop in LA is the place to be!
  • Hey! 3 of 5
    I can hear it now!! Hey!! Dude! What you doin ??
  • You! 4 of 5
    You going to leave me alone?
  • Geeze! 5 of 5
    Can't I get a haircut and not have you takin' photos!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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