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Matt Roloff Heart Attack Rumor: We've Got the Facts

By AD Lynn |

Oh, my. As big fans of Matt Roloff, this morning’s “Matt Roloff Heart Attack” rumor set out own hearts beating a bit fast. Alas, the Little People, Big World star is doing fine, and having a blast in New York City. In fact, those rumors were based on one tiny wee bit of footage, footage that got stretched far beyond the truth.

In the last scene of last night’s Little People, Big World, Roloff was spotted lying on the floor, looking fatigued. Viewers took the image and ran with it, pronouncing that he’d had a heart attack. On camera? And TLC aired it? Yeah, right. And then, like a children’s game of telephone, the rumor expanded and suddenly the internet was abuzz with news that Matt Roloff died. Right? Wrong.

Need proof? Matt Roloff dispelled the rumors himself by posting a photo of him alive on his Facebook page today. The photo was taken last night, in NYC. Check it out below:

matt roloff And check out Babble’s exclusive interview with Matt: Parenting from a Little Person’s Perspective

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AD Lynn

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0 thoughts on “Matt Roloff Heart Attack Rumor: We've Got the Facts

  1. dj says:

    The moment I saw the last clip that did not fit into the episode at all, I thought it was for cheap ratings. We watch it because it is amazing to see what kind of stories the show tries to pull off to make a show. Little things become great drama like the boys supervising the pumpkin patch for a couple of hours or the city council trying to work something out with their farm, etc….. Therefore, why not try for cheap ratings and make a scene look as if Mat actually died and the family left fatherless!?!?!? Wow, to say the word “desperation” is a complete understatement!!! How sad….

  2. Linda H. says:

    I am furious that TLC let the episode end with Matt face-down on the floor and no previews to show even a clue what happened to him. I deal with living with an elderly parent and have been through the hell of uncertainty after calling 911. How far will a network go to get ratings? This is so exploitive, it should generate a fine or penalty to the network for leaving us hanging. Matt, I’m glad you’re okay. Thank God.

  3. Elle says:

    I disagree with DJ completely. I love Little People Big World, it’s a very real and moving show. The ending scene did fit with the rest of the show. It showed Matt repeatedly expressing the fact that he wasn’t feeling well. So glad to hear that Matt is okay and doing alright. Also, very happy to hear that they will be back next year.

  4. Diane says:

    There is no photo on Matt Roloff’s FB page- just go on there & see for yourself.

  5. AD Lynn says:

    Hi Diane, I’m not sure how to get to the pic from his main facebook page, but here’s a link to it, it’s definitely there! (it’s also linked to from his Twitter account):

  6. Tammy says:

    I was not happy with the cliff-hanger ending. I understand it’s TV, and TLC is all about ratings. I’m glad to know he’s ok.

    I guess it was his jerkiness coming out. He needs a huge attitude adjustment. Amy sure puts up with enough.

  7. JCool says:

    I think it was for a cheap ratings ploy also. These folks, like many other so-called reality show personalities have succumbed to the all-mighty dollar and are trying to hold on to this cash cow that TLC is financing. They have two of the most lazy ass boys, the twins, that I have seen in sometime, no wonder the Dad passed out, he has to put up with a house full of lazy ass kids and a nagging meddling wife..

  8. Anonymous says:

    I watched the show and it was so obvious by the things that Matt was saying, about dying, his kids taking over when he’s dead, him always saying he’s dying and Amy saying “promises, promises.” He came back with the comment, “How little she knows”. It was a set up for the show. No one calls 911, no one appears really upset at seeing him on the floor. Right. It was fake and I think deplorable. A cheap way of getting publicity.

  9. DHMN says:

    The correct Matt Roloff Facebook page is!/RealMattRoloff?ref=ts .. there’s another one that someone (maybe even him) created but hasn’t really used.. he updates the one I linked above all the time with great pictures also.

  10. Sue says:

    I also am upset that TLC would end a show I watch every week with Matt lying on the floor, not responding to his kids or wife. It is totally unfair for his fans to be left to draw our own conclusions if he is ok or not.

  11. whatever says:

    That was funny that noone even shouted call 911 and molly shouting (father father) from another room no less. NO one even rushed in there to check on him which made it seem even more faker. I love the show like many others here and 1 thing you do not do is do something like this on the final episode an leave everybody asking or wondering what the heck happened? As fans we deserve to know what happens after every show the following week but that was not the right way to end the show durring it’s season finale. LIve long and prosper Little People/Big World.

  12. Heidi says:

    As a nurse, people tend to go in denial and think this can’t be happening. He wasn’t sweating or pale. Though I found it interesting as other viewer pointed out that the scene was not in order with what the episode all about. So I believe TLC played with it. Heart attack or hypoglycemia—I don’t think so. But I go with vertigo or dehydration (if his sugar is too high) more likely.

  13. joe says:

    Matt is a little hero of mine (pun intended). The only big mistake he’s made in his life, as far as I can tell, is keeping Amy around… For a midget he’s accomplished a TON!! Most average-sized people (aka “Normies”) don’t even accomplish HALF of the things he has accomplished!! Heck, he’s even netted a hot new Normie babe in his assistant, Caryn! It just goes to show that a college education is NOT the key to success… Passion, desire, motivation, persistence, and good ol’ fashioned hard-work is the ONLY formula for success… In fact, college is a HINDRANCE to success… Many people get out of college and take ANY job just so they can begin to pay down their massive loans… this takes up half of their working-life and leaves them little time to pursue their dreams rather than pursue a means to pay down their debt (not to mention many people come out of college with a drinking/drug habit that they otherwise would NEVER have if they had been WORKING for those 4-6 years, and they also come out of college with a warped idealistic view of the world).

  14. susan says:

    i think it was staged I had it taped when Jeremy ran into the room the chair Matt had been sitting in was facing Jeremy as he approached not toward Matt as he would have fallen out of it. And all the junk piled up to the left of Matt on the floor was not even touched

  15. Jim Uhrich says:

    I am glad to hear that Matt is OK. I saw the last show and was upset to see Matt in that position. I checked all over and could find nothing about the next show or how he was. Again, glad to hear that he is OK. Good luck to the Roloff’s.

  16. Mellie says:

    JCool, to blame HIM for the editors’ decision to make it look like a heart attack is a bit ridiculous. I am glad he is okay but frankly, the show’s popularity has me stymied.

  17. Tess says:

    I think it was staged…no one called 911. Who in their right mind would stand around while someone was unconscious on the floor…calling father? father…? None of them looked concern…this was a bad one!

  18. Carol says:

    I love the show but must agree that this current episode looked rather staged. I keep saying “dail 911″ but not one person even on creen suggest it. Its kind of diasppointing that an event like that was just a staged act. Too bad.

  19. TwstdStitch says:

    I watched the show on and off for the first few years…then caught the occasional episode up until last year. Then the show really started getting on my nerves. Matt can be somewhat selfish, Amy can be extremely hardnosed and the kids are ridiculously lazy !!! I used to think they were acting that way for ratings but I’m afraid that’s really them!! I’m not sure any of them really care about each other, which is sad. So can’t say I’ll miss the show. Honestly, I think it’s time for ALL “reality” shows to go away!

  20. nancy Pavlisko says:

    Matt should stick to reality shows, His attempt at acting was horrific!!! Twins need attitude adjustment and his daughter should be running the farm.

  21. nancy Pavlisko says:

    Matt should stick to reality shows, His attempt at acting was horrific!!! Twins need attitude adjustment and his daughter should be running the farm.

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