Matthew Bellamy: Five Things About Matt Bellamy, Kate Hudson's Baby Daddy

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Who Is Matthew Bellamy, Kate Hudson's Baby Daddy?

Kate Hudson is pregnant with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy’s child! Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson have been dating for about nine months, and she is 14 weeks along in her pregnancy. Kate Hudson’s pregnancy was not planned, but she and Matthew Bellamy are excited about their new addition!

Other than being Kate Hudson’s baby daddy and Muse frontman, who is Matt Bellamy? Here are five things about Matthew Bellamy you may not know:

1. Matt Bellamy is from Great Britain, and was born there in 1978. He has music in his blood, as his father was a rhythmic guitarist.

2. Matt started playing the guitar at the age of 14 after being encouraged to play by his grandmother.

3. Bellamy’s band, Muse, was originally formed under the name Rocket Baby Dolls in Devon, England.

4. Matthew Bellamy is ranked #19 on Gigwise’s list of the Top 50 guitarists ever. He is also ranked #29 on Top Guitar’s list of Top 100 Guitarist of All Time.

5. Matt Bellamy is in the Guinness Book of World Records for most guitars smashed on tour.

Photo: Pacific Coast News