Matthew Broderick Scoots James Wilke to School


Not to make this all about me, but I am semi-convinced that Matthew Broderick sensed that I was getting bored with watching him and Sarah Jessica Parker walk James Wilkie to school and decided to spice things up a little bit. For me. You know, since my blogging amusement is clearly very important to him.

Or maybe he just woke up this morning and thought to himself: ‘Now, how would Ferris Bueller take his kid to school?’

Whatever happened, I am loving these pictures of Matthew and James cruising down the New York City sidewalks on a single scooter. I am hoping this is a trend that continues—every week or so, Broderick can come up with a different way of locomoting his children. Next week, the sneakers with wheels in them! Then the crazy bicycle-stroller hybrid! Then a rickshaw! Where will it end?

For now, with the scooter—which you can see more photos of on the next page. And on a side note, bonus ‘good dad’ points for Broderick for setting a good example and wearing a helmet!Photos: Elder Ordonez/

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