Matthew Broderick Seems Distracted


matthew-broderick-baby-bjornComing back to work after having twins can be tough, just ask Matthew Broderick. After spending the last few months with his twin daughters, Matthew Broderick had a trial by fire on stage Monday and fell flat on his face. Word has it that Matt had to call for a line about 10 times during The Starry Messenger‘s preview performance. Ouch.

According to what one audience member told the NY Daily News:

“It was an overall mess. He kept apologizing under his breath after he forgot a line and everyone in the audience began to feel awkward.”

To be fair, it sounds like Broderick wasn’t the only cast member struggle with the show’s dialog (there was apparently a teleprompter in use to help actors keep the flow going). Matthew is, however, the star of the show… so it’s a little more important that he knows his stuff.

Thus, the start date of the show had been pushed back one week, to November 23rd.

I wonder if SJP has had any trouble keeping focus on the set of SATC 2. I bet it’s hard to remember your lines when your mind keeps drifting back to Tabitha and Marion.