Matthew Broderick Walks James To School


Matthew Broderick, James Wilke BroderickOne look at these guys’ faces says it all: It’s freakin’ cold.  Bundled-up father and son both fought back the shivers as the made their way towards Jame Wilke’s school Monday morning.

Of the two, it appears that James is better prepared for the frigid New York weather than his father. Is that SJP’s doing? Probably.

I like the way Matthew is carrying his son’s backpack. Maybe its too heavy for the 7-year-old, or maybe dad swiped it for the extra warmth.

Either way, it’s cool that Matthew and James get to spend a little father-son bonding time on the way to school — even if they’re being tailed by photographers.

SJP, on the other hand, gets to spend some quality time with her twins Tabitha and Marion.

Matthew Broderick, James Wilke Broderick

Photos: INF Daily

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