Matthew Broderick Will Be Mr. Mom



For all of the SJP fans out there wondering just how she was going to shoot the Sex in the City sequel and take care of newborn twins at the same time: don’t worry, Mr. Mom is taking over.  Apparently, while Sarah Jessica works on SATC, Matthew will be a stay at home dad.

From Life & Style:

“She’s not postponing the movie, even though filming sometimes could last up to 14 hours, like it did on the first movie,” says the insider. “She’s going to have a staff to make it easier on her.”

But not all the help with the twins and son James Wilkie, 6, will come from employees.

“Matthew’s ready to pick up the slack as the movie gets underway,” says the insider. “He’s very supportive of the project. The first movie being such a huge hit has a lot to do with that. It it hadn’t been such a big deal, then Matthew would have to go back to work. But starting this fall he can devote himself to the family full-time.”

Sarah, 44, will also have the support of friends, who threw her a baby shower in New York’s Hamptons on June 21 – just two days before the twins’ birth.”

I’m guessing that this news won’t make too many Matthew Broderick fans -hoping to catch him on Broadway- too happy, but tough bananas. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.