Matthew Fox - A Cautionary Tale


matthew-fox-lost-final-countdownMatthew Fox’s early life could easily be used as a cautionary tale. He was raised on a ranch in Wyoming and in such a secluded environment tended to get a little crazy.

He drank, smoked, drove fast and took chances. *Sigh*

He said the only thing that saved his life was the fact that his dad sent him to boarding school in Massachusetts.
He’s known a lot of tragedy in his young life. He said that by the time he was 16 ten of his closest friends had died. Some were due to suicide and some due to recklessness and accidents.

I think his dad made the right decision. I especially think he made the right decision after reading this quote: “My dad saved my life. He pulled me out of Wyoming when I was 16 and sent me to a boarding school in Massachusetts called Deerfield. I think he could see I was heading in the wrong direction in life. I was this absolute rebel who smoked and drank and put my boots on the desk. I hated it but looking back it was the best thing that could have happened to me.”

I’m going to guess that when he was 16 he had no shortage of girls throwing themselves at him too. I probably would have too. The “bad boy” routine is popular with that set. We never really grow out of it do we?

I’m sure his kids are going to have trouble trying to pull one over on the father. You don’t get very far when your dad has done more crazy stuff than you could possibly imagine. He knows all the tricks.

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