Matthew McConaughey Reveals When Vida Was Conceived


Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Camilla Alves really like country music.  So much so that they’ve attended the American Country Music Awards two years in a row — and at this year’s on Sunday he divulged a secret.

“This is my second time here at the ACM awards. I had a really good time last year. Made some new friends, hung out with some old friends, heard some great country music … After the show last year, my lady and I … even went back to the hotel and conceived a little lady who is now our daughter,” he shared with the audience. “That’s a true story.”

So can we expect another baby nine months from now?

“I promise you, me and Camilla are gonna try not to get so lucky this year. Two is enough. We’re flush for awhile.”  Unfortunately (fortunately?), he didn’t confide where and when Levi was conceived.

And just wondering: Why would Matthew McConaughey announce the winner for best male vocalist? Does he sing?  Is he a country music star? Is it just because he hails from Texas?  These are the things that keep me up at night…