Matthew McConaughey's Kids Are Best Friends

Matthew McConaughey and family

Camila Alves says she and Matthew McConaughey don’t have to deal with much fighting  between her kids Levi and Vida.

Why? They’re the best of friends!

“They’re best friends. Levi’s a really good big brother,” the 29-year-old told US Weekly at an event in New York City.

“They’re buddies.”

So you won’t find much sibling rivalry in the McConaughey house, which is a good thing.

So who do the kids take after?  “[Levi is] more like Matthew and Vida is more like me” Alves said.

“If you ask her, she’ll give,” she said.  “But if you take it from her, she’ll be very upset. She gets very mad. So I’m a little like that. I’m very giving, but if you come and take stuff from me, I then become a big lioness.”