Matthew Takes Daughter Out For A Stroll In A Manly Mei Tai (Photos)


gallery_main-matthew-broderick-baby-on-board-02The Paparzzi snapped Matthew Broderick out on the town with one of his new twin daughters (not sure if it’s Tabitha or Marion) safely tucked away in a manly baby sling built for one. Do they make hands-free carriers for two? If Matthew was more technically-inclined,  maybe he could engineer a contraption to carry Marion in front and Tabitha in back.

All kidding aside,  I have to say that I think its cool that Matthew’s so comfortable with baby accessories. Generally, most baby carriers don’t come off as a very manly fashion statement, but Broderick’s not worried about a group of construction workers heckling him as he walks by.

Seriously, it shouldn’t be an issue, but it kinda is. Why does carrying a baby around in a mei tai seem somehow emasculating? It’s not at all. That’s messed up.

I guess Matthew left the other daughter at home with the nanny while SJP is back at work filming Sex and the City 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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