Max & Emme Say Happy Birthday Mama!



Jennifer Lopez turned the big 4-0 on July 24, and celebrated her special day, well, twice actually!  Husband Marc Anthony wanted to make sure her birthday celebrations included family and friends, and of course their twins, Max and Emme, 17 months.

JLo and Marc were spotted on Friday, July 24, at the Hotel Griffou in New York City, where they dined with a small group of friends and family.  Marc threw a surprise birthday bash for his wife on Saturday, July 25, at the Edison Ballroom.  The party was titled “An Evening For Lola,” Lola being Marc’s pet name for Jennifer.

Marc created a video starring their toddlers, wandering around their Long Island mansion, with a voiceover for the babies.  “Mom, we want to come to the party.  Mom, I can’t believe we are not there.”

The twins were video-taped “talking” on the phone, with Max later trying to buckle himself in his car seat, a voiceover saying, “Buckles are too hard for me.”  The twins were taped trying to get out of their cribs, and one baby was seen at a computer keyboard, the voiceover saying, “Let’s Twitter Mom and figure out what she is doing.”

Later, Max, all spiffy in a little tuxedo and red bow tie, and little Miss Emme in a girlie pink dress, were running down the hallway screaming, “Here we come Lola!”

As Jennifer watched and laughed at the video, the lights dimmed, and the twins arrived on stage, wearing the same outfits as in the video, to surprise mama!  “Like they had just run out of their house to the party.  Jennifer was in shock,” said party planner Liberty Woodmere.

“it was one of her favorite parts. She was surprised and very happy. She said, ‘These are my babies.'”

Aw, cute!

Happy 40th, JLo!