Max Page: Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial Has Over 16 Million YouTube Views!

max page darth vader super bowl commercial
Max Page's Darth Vader Commercial Has Over 16 million YouTube Hits!

The biggest hit of the Super Bowl 2011 may not have been the Green Bay Packers! In fact, six-year old Max Page seems to be stealing the spotlight from Green Bay after starring in the Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial for Volkswagen.

Max Page’s Darth Vader commercial has over 16 million views on YouTube…and counting! You can add to those 16 million views by watching the Volkswagen commercial below.

In the commercial, Max Page walks around in a Darth Vader helmet and tries to use “The Force” on objects around his house. He isn’t successful until his Dad comes home in his Volkswagen, and Max manages to make the lights go on and off. For a kid who told Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera that he’s never seen Star Wars, he does Jedi moves pretty well!

What do you think of the Max Page Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial?