Maya Rudolph Talks Pregnancy And Motherhood



In her latest flick, Away We Go, Maya Rudolph had to channel her memories of what it’s like to go through pregnancy and get ready for life as a new mother — which was pretty natural, because she’s been through it… and she’s about to go through it again.

In a recent interview with her co-star and husband in the film John Krasinski (how much more self-reflexive can it get?), Maya talks about the experiences during her first pregnancy with now 3 and a half year-old Pearl that influenced her character.

From Blackbook:

“I definitely drew upon my life before I had a child, and having absolutely no fucking clue what’s coming next, and those moments of, “Holy shit, I’ve got to get my life together. Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I having this baby?”

“There’s definitely this fantasy that’s like, “I’m not going to be a mother, I’m going to be Mother-fucking-Theresa.” And then you realize that you’re still the same person, the same things still bother you, you’re not perfect, but you can still be someone’s parent, someone’s mother, and it can still be okay. There’s no question that you want to give them everything and you want their lives to be perfect. Has any human achieved that? No, probably not.”

Away We Go opens June 25th.