Mayim Bialik: Acting Conducive to Attachment Parenting


Former Blossom star Mayim Bialik says she has a very good reason for her return to acting, in addition to her love of acting, of course.  Bialik had pursued a PhD and planned on a life of academia. But then along came her two kids, Miles Roosevelt, 4, and Frederick Heschel, 19 months, and she found acting was more conducive to the parenting style she chose.

Bialik subscribes to attachment parenting, a “style of parenting that … was not compatible” with her continued studies.  (She is also into “elimination communication” and had one of her kids potty trained by 12 months.  She needs to come over to my house and train my 2-1/2 year-olds!)

“Putting the kids in daycare or being away from them” was a downside to academics, she says. “That was a huge part of what drove our decision.”

Bialik says that she and husband Michael Stone believe “that the most important thing in our life is these two children that have been delivered to us by the miracle of birth,” and that they are “trying to fit” their lives around their children.

But don’t tell the producer of The Big Bang Theory on which she appears that she hates her job.

“I love being on the set, I love watching all the cameras and the lights. I love watching everything come together. I’m a really old-fashioned actor. I like to be on the set. But I really like to be with my kids.”


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