Blossom Star Dishes on Parenting Techniques


Former Blossom star Mayim Bialik has been inching her way back onto the small screen of late, with a smattering of guest-starring roles, including a story arc lined up for the season finale of The Big Bang Theory.

But she still found time to dish about her parenting style, which includes sleeping in a family bed, and teaching her two sons, Miles, 5, and Frederick, 20 months, elimination communication, a method of infant potty training.

According to an interview posted on ParentDish, Bialik’s husband, Michael Stone, was initially skeptical of the technique, which involves learning a infant’s ‘elimination cues’, and holding him or her over a potty. But the method worked for Bialik, and she claims that her son was actually potty trained by his first birthday. (!!!)

Say Bialik: “My mother-in-law, who’s a medical technician, thought it was the craziest thing she’d ever heard, but she’s now a believer.”

Potty trained by 1, huh? That sounds really, really good to me right now, since I am having not much luck with my almost three-year-old.

Did you try elimination communication with your kids, or are you working on the M&M bribery/pull-up method/lots of accidents routine I have going on in my household right now?

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