Mayoral Candidate Levi Johnston Sued


Levi Johnston may not be off to the best start in his campaigning for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Just last week, Johnston signed the letter of intent to run, and officially started campaigning–and asking for money–this week. And now he already has the first blemish on his campaign (you know, besides the whole being-teen-Bristol-Palin’s-baby-daddy thing).

Johnston is being sued by Capitol One Bank for allegedly avoiding a credit card bill. The bank filed the legal papers in Alaska, stating that Johnston never paid a $1,178.06 bill for his Capitol One card last year. The bank now wants the money they’re due, plus interest at a rate of 19.90%.

Perhaps while he’s asking for campaign money, he can ask for some credit card bill donations too?


Photo: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

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