Me Time! Celebrity Parents Who Spend Time At The Salon (Photos)

Celebs at the salon

Let’s take a moment here and talk about a little “me” time. And I’m not talking mommy and me, or daddy and me, or even husband, children, mother-in-law, friends, family and me time but just you, all alone and by yourself. No screaming children. No chores. No dinner. Just you at the salon getting your manicure and pedicure done and an entire hour’s worth of relaxation.

Feels good just thinking about it, right?

Well, even celebrity moms with their help and nannies at home still need to enjoy that special “me” hour and that’s when they usually hit the salon too for a little self-pampering. Some celebrity moms like Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner even bring their tots as well to get their nails done, too (why not, right?). Either way you look at it, it’s a perfect time to relax, bond with your little one or simply sit back and read a good gossip mag (or our blog if you have your iPad handy).

Check out our photo gallery below and tell us, how often do you have a little “me” time for yourself and where do you usually go? Do you hit up the nail salons like these moms?

  • Nadya Suleman 1 of 10
    Nadya Suleman
    Supposed poverty stricken mother of 14 children, Nadya Suleman finds spare funds to pamper herself at a local nail salon in Whittier.
  • Hilary Duff 2 of 10
    Hilary Duff
    Hilary Duff spends a rainy day getting a manicure and pedicure at Venus Nails in Toluca Lake.
  • Kingston Rossdale 3 of 10
    Kingston Rossdale
    Gwen Stefani takes her boys to a nail salon in NYC with Kingston showing off his mani-pedi!
  • Korurtney Kardashian 4 of 10
    Korurtney Kardashian
    Kourtney Kardashian and a friend head to a local nail salon for pedicure and manicure.
  • Camila Alves 5 of 10
    Camila Alves
    Camila Alves arrives at a nail salon in her gym clothes and leaves walking barefoot after getting a pedicure!
  • Gwen Stefani 6 of 10
    Gwen Stefani
    Gwen Stefani is spotted leaving Planet Nails after getting a Mani-Pedi in West Hollywood.
  • Honor Warren 7 of 10
    Honor Warren
    Jessica Alba and her gorgeous daughter Honor having their nails painted in Los Angeles.
  • Jessica Alba 8 of 10
    Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba and her gorgeous daughter Honor having their nails painted in Los Angeles.
  • Jennifer Garner 9 of 10
    Jennifer Garner
    A pregnant Jennifer Garner picks up her daughters Violet and Seraphina from their ballet class in Santa Monica.
  • Stephanie Seymour 10 of 10
    Stephanie Seymour
    Stephanie Seymour goes shopping in a pair of flip-flops after getting her nails done before buying a pair of boots in NYC.

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