Mean Girls Musical? Tina Fey Is Working on It!

Tina Fey

Everyone loves a musical, and since there have been so many being produced for stage and screen lately, it’s no wonder that Tina Fey wants in on the action. But Tina, has a pretty great start. Tina is looking at doing a musical version of her beloved film Mean Girls. “We want to. I would love to,” Tina Fey said to E! News at the SAG Awards. “I’m trying to develop it with my husband, who does all the music for 30 Rock and I think Paramount’s onboard.”

And she is already thinking about casting! Tina spoke about a recent American Idol feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj over Mean Girls. “I loved it!” Tina gushed. “And I think Mariah won. Like, Mariah seemed to really know all the characters.” During the on air argument Mariah insisted that she was no Regina George, a statement that Tina backs. “Maybe she can play Amy Poehler’s part (the “cool” mom) in the musical.”

Are you looking forward to seeing a musical version of Mean Girls?


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