Meet Lucas Cruikshank: The Kid Behind 'Fred: The Movie'


fredthemovieLast night Nickelodeon aired its new feature film “Fred: The Movie.” The flick is about character Fred Figglehorn, a hyperactive 6 year old.

Fred was created and is played by 17 year old Lucas Cruikshank. At 13 he began filming himself as Fred and not long after he became the first person to ever reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube.  The videos have been seen more than 595 million times.

“It’s been pretty weird, but it’s been smooth overall. Walking into Toys R Us and seeing yourself on toys, that’s definitely weird,” Lucas tells the World Herald of his sudden fame. “But I’m so happy that something I created has gotten to that level. I’m just thankful for the fans.”

Lucas is excited to take it to the next level with a movie. Some fans have complained that it’s different than the YouTube series. To that Lucas says, “Fred’s still the same character. In the movie, you get to see it from a different point of view. On YouTube, it’s just Fred’s point of view, just him and his webcam when he’s video blogging. In the movie, you get to see more layers than you get to see in the videos.”

Along with continuing to work on Fred-related projects, Lucas will be starring in a new Nickelodeon sitcom called “Marvin, Marvin,” which will be a cross between “Mork and Mindy” and “3rd Rock From the Sun.”


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