Meet Mark Sanford's Mistress, Maria Belen Chapur (PHOTO, VIDEO)



Finally, a photo of S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s Argentinean mistress! In fact, I have several. Or, at least I think this is her. Different news outlets are claiming to have a photo of the mysterious Maria Belen Chapur. Problem is, they don’t look like the same person. I’m leaning towards the woman in the following news video to be the real deal, since what we do know of Chapur is that she worked as a journalist and translator of English for about a year for the Argentine television station Canal America. Take a look:

Then there are these photos:


Problem is, the woman in this photo looks a lot older than 43, the purported age of Sanford’s mistress. Although, having an affair with a married politician and being a mother of two can really age a girl, and I should know. That is, about being a mother of two, not having an affair with a married politician. That I wouldn’t know anything about.  Yet.

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