Meet the REAL Swiss Family Robinson


You may know the Swiss Family Robinson from the classic novel and Disney movie, but have you met the REAL Swiss Family Robinson? The Crafton family of Alaska — mom Kathy, dad Tom, and their three children — reinvented the family vacation by selling their house and traveling the world… for 7 years! Starting in 2003, the family sailed worldwide to explore new cultures and meet new people, visiting everywhere from Mexico to New Zealand. Now they’re attracting attention for it, with so many people having questions about how this adventure came about.

What exactly was the reasoning behind their trip?

Not surprisingly, all they wanted was some family time! With dad being a psychologist, and mom being a nurse, we can understand that family time was probably hard to come by. And while they had a lot of material possessions, they understood that nothing could inspire life-fulfillment quite like family togetherness. So what’s a family looking for some time together do? They sail around the world! And we can imagine that they really had to bond — for 7 years, they shared a cabin and — get this — ate canned tuna for nearly two months straight.

The family got low on funds recently, and settled in Maryland to begin their lives on land again. The kids are getting back to school (one of them is even starting college), while dad writes a book about their amazing experience.

Would you consider a vacation like that with your clan? Or do you need some time to yourself?


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