Meet the Teen Moms' Other "Babies"! (Photos)

Meet Leah's fuzzy friends!

Some people go to flea markets and bring home clothes, dishes, antiques or CDs. But Teen Mom 2 star Leah  Messer picked up something far more interesting – and cuter! – when she went shopping with fiance Jeremy Calvert.

She tweeted last night, “@Calvert505 and myself bought 6 baby chicks at the flea market, starting our little farm an soo excited to show the girls! Ahh (((:”

Her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, have been away for the weekend, but Leah “#can’twait” for them to get a look at the new arrivals. (And yes, the chicks will be moved to larger quarters soon. She tweeted to a follower who criticized the size of the tank, “Do you put a newborn in a full size bed when it’s born, Nooo.”)

Yes, the TMs have something else in common besides their show, their adorable kids, their boyfriends and their active Twitter accounts – many of them also have pets that they dote on almost as much as they do their children!

Furry, feathered and scaly, the reality stars have them all. Have a look at the other “babies” who occupy their homes and hearts! Which is your favorite?

  • With a cheep-cheep here and a cheep-cheep there… 1 of 13
    With a cheep-cheep here and a cheep-cheep there...
    Leah says that these chicks will be the start of her family farm.
  • Love at first peep 2 of 13
    Love at first peep
    "I think [Jeremy] loves the chicks more than the girls will...Hehe," tweets Leah.
  • Chelsea Houska’s best friends! 3 of 13
    Chelsea Houska's best friends!
    When she's not photographing her sweet daughter, Aubree, Chelsea is capturing her black pug, Darla, and her French bulldog, Frankie.
  • Naptime! 4 of 13
    "Fatty," says Chelsea affectionately.
  • Too cute 5 of 13
    Too cute
    "Frenchie looove!" tweets Chelsea.
  • Kailyn Lowry’s new baby! 6 of 13
    Kailyn Lowry's new baby!
    Kail just brought home this new addition, who appears to be a Rottweiler pup. "furry babies are a lot cheaper than real ones lol!" she tweets.
  • Hey, this is comfy 7 of 13
    Hey, this is comfy
    Isaac checks out the new puppy - and his bed.
  • Watch the birdies! 8 of 13
    Watch the birdies!
    Kail bought parakeets Mali and Laguna for her son Isaac's birthday.
  • Meet Catelyn Lowell’s dog Caesar! 9 of 13
    Meet Catelyn Lowell's dog Caesar!
    Catelynn dotes on her two dogs. Despite their appearances, Doberman pinschers are known for their sweet dispositions.
  • And Caddy! 10 of 13
    And Caddy!
    This chihuahua is the other furry sweetheart in Cate's life.
  • Jenelle Evans’ new pet 11 of 13
    Jenelle Evans' new pet
    "Just got this sweet a-- bearded dragon," Jenelle tweeted yesterday. At first she called him Puff, but soon changed it to Yoshi.
  • Yoshi’s habitat 12 of 13
    Yoshi's habitat
    This tank is roomy for the little lizard now, but Jenelle will have to upgrade when Yoshi gets bigger.
  • Come out wherever you are! 13 of 13
    Come out wherever you are!
    Yoshi curiously peeks out.

[Photos: via Twitter, Facebook]

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