Meet the Winners of Babble's Stella and Dot Celeb Mom Style Giveaway!

Stella and Dot Celebrity Mom Babble Contest
Meet the winners of Babble's Stella and Dot Celeb Mom Style Jewelry giveaway!

Happy Mother’s Day, Babble Readers!

On this special day we’re thrilled to reveal the winners of our Stella and Dot Celeb Mom Style giveaway!

A little over a week ago, in anticipation of Mother’s Day, Babble invited you to tell us which celeb mom is your style muse and why for a chance to win gorgeous jewelry  from Stella and Dot.

We received literally hundreds of wonderful responses; choosing just 5 winners was no easy task, and selecting our 10 runners up was almost as tough!

We’re so excited to announce these 15 fabulous, soon-to-be Stella and Dot-wearing moms below. Please join us in congratulating them, and thanks again to all who entered!


The Babble Team + Stella and Dot

5 Grand Prize Winners

(Each lucky mama will receive a jewelry collection inspired by her celeb mom style muse, plus extras selected just for her by Blythe Harris, Stella and Dot’s Chief Creative Officer — with a retail value of up to $500!)

Sarah Jessica Parker Grand Prize Winner: Jessica Stephens Davidson

Jessica’s winning comment:

Coco Chanel said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” and that is why I think that SJP is my celeb mom style match. As moms we are to be examples to our daughters and other girls/women that it is OK to be bold, confident, sassy, fun, classy and fabulous. What better way to show off your personality than to wear a strong, bold, yet fun statement making piece of jewelry!

Kate Hudson Grand Prize Winner:  Stacie Moore

Stacie’s winning comment:

I’ve always been a bit of a gypsy, now I’m the ultimate gypsy mom. My son, Rowan, is 6 and moderately functioning autistic. We spend as much time as possible traveling and experiencing new things. Ensuring his environment is constantly changing really helps him stay “adjusted”. It has worked so far, he’s usually up for anything! These are the perfect everyday glam pieces for my lifestyle and my wardrobe, which is an eclectic mix of craziness picked up from various boutiques, souks, and street vendors the world over.

Gwen Stefani Grand Prize Winner: Kendra Monroe

Kendra’s winning comment:

Gwen is constantly evolving her look to effortlessly mature and age through life’s stages! I am now a mother of two, but I have not lost that girl that used to mosh and scream punk rock at the top of her lungs. She glimmers mischievously behind my eyes as I watch my children grow and experience life much as I did. I still have my edge, and when I have the opportunity, and a babysitter : ) we go out and still take names!

Natalie Portman Grand Prize Winner:  Christy Wilson

Christy’s winning comment:

You know, I have never really thought about this…what type of “style” reflects me and my personality. I have a beautiful two year old daughter and it seems in the past two years my style has been ‘Leaving the gym.’ I find myself in sneakers and pony tails. But, I’ll be honest, now that I’m actually thinking about it…why DON’T I ever take that extra step to make myself feel pretty…or at least a little better about my appearance??? What’s it going to hurt? I mean…I have some jewelry that would probably really appreciate being dusted off and worn. Thank you guys for bringing this to my attention. Spring is here…it’s time for a little cleaning and a little growth! Watch me go!!!! ♥
AND…I’d like to think I have a little ‘Youthful Charm’ like Natalie Portman. My daughter keeps me young, active, an inquisitive. I thank her for that!

Michelle Obama Grand Prize Winner: Michelle Thielhorn Parker

Michelle’s winning comment:

I’m a busy mom with 2 careers, a volunteer, an advocate, and a support for my husband who is beating brain cancer…I strive to hold it together with grace! I’d love to have the polished look of Michelle Obama while I face challenges head on! (plus I share a name with my style muse!)

10 More Prizes!

(Each of these runners up will receive a Stella and Dot “Mommy and Me” mother-daughter jewelry package — retail value $167!)

Chasity M Brown

Esther Wilkinson Hare

Alissa Hollander

Carissa Ball-Stewart

Amy Brueggeman Evans

Amy Bates Shadle

Holly Bailey

Storianne Tipton

Gwen Neace

Brittany Hunt

*All winners and runners will be contacted via Facebook for their mailing addresses, but winners are also free to submit their contact information and addresses to Margaret at

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