Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Are That Cute Couple You See At Airports (Photos)


90469PCN_Megan08It looks like Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are that cute couple (that even dress alike!) when you see them traveling together at airports. The hot Hollywood couple was spotted catching a flight out of LAX in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday afternoon.

It looks like this must have been a work trip for the two, as it doesn’t look like Baby Noah was with them. I doubt that they are going on a weekend getaway, as Megan doesn’t seem like the type of mom to be leaving her baby at home if she didn’t have to!

Check out our photos below and let us know what you think!

  • Megan Fox 1 of 5
    Megan Fox
    Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green get ready to catch a flight out of Los Angeles.
  • So Alike 2 of 5
    So Alike
    And on top of that, they dress alike, too!
  • So Together 3 of 5
    So Together
    And yes, they so look like that cute couple that you see traveling together through airports.
  • Baby Noah? 4 of 5
    Baby Noah?
    But we can't help but wonder... where's Baby Noah?
  • Tell Us Your Thoughts 5 of 5
    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think of Megan and Brian's couple style?

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