More Ridiculousness Expected From Megan Fox


megan foox transformers 3Our favorite, sometimes step-mom Megan Fox, is all signed up up and ready to star in Transformers 3. Michael Bay put an end to the speculation of another movie when he announced that the next installment would be released in July of 2012 2011.

Here I thought that I wouldn’t have to go see any movie with her in it ever again. My kids like Transformers and will be ready to see them in the theater in 2 years.

Megan will be 25 by the time the movie comes out; will she be more mature and says less inane things while promoting the release of Transformers 3. Maybe she’ll have a more definite thought of her place in the world with a little more self esteem.

Until then, I’m going to try not to pay attention to her. Unless of course she gets pregnant.

** update** Oops I said 2012 instead of 2011, It must have been my dread and reluctance to see her that made me put the wrong date.

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