Megan Fox Is Totally Pregnant - Or At Least We Think She Is

Megan Fox

We believed Us Weekly when they said that Reese Witherspoon was pregnant a few months ago and they seem to be on the money saying that supermodel Gisele Bundchen is preggers, too. Well now, the gossip mag is telling us that we don’t need an official pregnancy confirmation by publicist or tweet to figure out that Megan Fox is totally pregnant, too. Or at least, we think she is.

The “Transformers” actress was snapped by the paparazzi sporting what looked like a pretty small bump or a really huge Taco Bell meal when she was spotted out and about in Los Angeles. I guess it must be a new trend in Hollywood to keep mum about their buns in their ovens. That, or they must think they’re really fooling us.

Check out the photo of Megan here and tell us what you think.

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