Megan McAllister: How the Craigslist Killer's Fiancee Didn't Know


Megan McAllister was engaged to Phillip Markoff, having no idea that this seemingly clean-cut guy was the Craigslist Killer.

After watching the Lifetime movie last night, we wonder how she couldn’t know about his crimes.

But, if you stayed tuned after the movie and saw the special “Beyond the The Headlines: Catching the Craigslist Killer,” you saw one of his victims talk about how she had no clue that he was dangerous when she met him, either.

There was an image he presented to the world: a bright, young medical student about to get married. He looked like the boy-next-door. He didn’t look like a criminal and he wasn’t someone that would be on the radar for the police as a possible suspect.

He didn’t give Megan McAllister any reason to think he was anything but that clean-cut guy. She was in love and planning a wedding. There was no reason for her to think anything negative about her fiance.  The bottom line is that he wanted to hide it from her and he succeeded. At least for a while.

The movie and special were a creepy reminder that we might not ever really know someone, even someone who we think we are close to.