Meghan McCain To Levi: "Go Back To Alaska"


levi-johnston-tripp-gqLooks like Levi Johnston’s got one more reason to sing the blues today, as former ally Mehgan McCain is bashing the D-list baby daddy for going on a long, drawn-out campaign of self-promotion in Hollywood while leaving his baby in Alaska with Bristol.

Says McCain:

“I think he should go back to Alaska and take care of his baby, which he claims that he wants to be doing, but I just see him going to events… If I had a child, I would be at home taking care of it.”

Ouch, that stings. But of course, Meghan’s pretty much just toeing the party line by defending her dad’s ex-running mate. Last month, Levi went on the attack, criticizing Sarah Palin and her handling of the baby dilemma during the campaign.

Levi has been in Hollywood trying to jumpstart his career for months now, and there is some question as to whether he’s neglecting some of his fatherly responsibilities. Granted, if he went back, he’d have to deal with the Palins getting on his case all the time. And he’d have an even harder time finding work.

Maybe this incident will merit another verse to Ben Folds’ “Levi Johnston’s Blues.”