Megyn Kelly GQ: What's The Big Deal?

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Megyn Kelly GQ Photo: What's The Big Deal?

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is in GQ Magazine’s December issue pictured in a tight black dress, twirling her hair, and looking a bit inticing. Honestly, what’s the big deal with Megyn Kelly’s GQ photo? Why is the picture making people question her professionalism? You can view the controversial Megyn Kelly GQ photo here.

Megyn Kelly’s GQ photo has some people saying that as a news anchor, she shouldn’t be posing in a suggestive way. They are also upset because Megyn Kelly is a mom. She’s pregnant with her second child right now, and instead of celebrating her baby news, people are all up in arms over this GQ photo.

Since when did becoming a mom mean that you had to check your sexy at the door? The Megyn Kelly GQ photo really isn’t anything to get excited about. Honestly, the GQ Glee Photos were a lot racier than Megyn’s picture, and Megyn caters to an adult audience, not a teenage group like Glee viewers.

Do you think the Megyn Kelly GQ photo should be such a big deal?

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