Mel B Is Officially Overdue - When Will Melanie Brown's Baby FINALLY Arrive?

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Melanie Brown's Baby Is Overdue

It’s official!  Former Spice Girl Mel B’s newest addition is officially overdue.  The singer / host is anxiously awaiting her third child and it appears that the baby is in no hurry to make its debut.  Mel tweeted the news, “yep thats right i am over due with this baby,and this is a first!!”

Don’t worry though, Mel already has a plan to help get the baby moving and she promises that it will make its arrival sometime this week.  She tells Radar Online, “I just had my doctor on the phone and he’s given me some ultimatums which are good. It’s coming out this week, one way or another it’s coming out this week.”

Hoping to avoid medical intervention, Mel is trying some natural stimulus to help things along.   She adds, “Ideally I want it to come naturally, but I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried the hot food, the running, the sex and violence. I’ve tried it all. And it just seems to be stuck and hibernating in there getting bigger and bigger, so it’s coming out this week for sure.”

Cross your fingers that we hear a baby announcement from Mel B very soon!

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