Mel Gibson Awarded Joint Custody of Daughter

mel gibson
Mel Gibson will receive joint custody of daughter Lucia.

Much to Oksana Grigorieva’s dismay, it looks like ex Mel Gibson will have equal custody of their baby daughter, Lucia. Back in May (yes, before those horrid tapes of Gibson’s rants were released), Grigorieva signed an agreement that would allow Gibson unsupervised visits with Lucia. And though Grigorieva is fighting it, saying she wasn’t aware of that part of the agreement, it looks like the paperwork rules in Gibson’s favor.

According to Popeater, the documents were very clear about when Grigorieva and Gibson were allowed to be with Lucia, and went into detail about the future custody arrangements. When Lucia turns 3, it seems the two parents will have an equal 50/50 split of custody.

The documents even specify that, during the times Gibson is out of town, he’ll be able to speak with Lucia on Skype, with the help of a nanny. Despite the paperwork Grigorieva refused to let Gibson see Lucia on Father’s Day, which led the couple to court. How long is this going to go on?


Photo: Pixplanete/PR Photos

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