Mel Gibson Given More Time With Daughter Lucia


Mel Gibson


Judge grants Mel Gibson more time with daughter Lucia


After a fierce custody battle that has lasted what seems like forever, a Judge ruled that Mel Gibson will, in fact, be granted more time with his and Oksana Grigorieva’s daughter Lucia. Sources report that during the hearing, the Judge explained that he felt this time increase would be what was best for the child in question.

The extra time awarded to Gibson isn’t much. In fact, according to recent reports the time increase only amounts to a few extra hours per week. Small as it may be, this seems to imply that the judge felt that Gibson was making positive steps, and that his behavior was improving enough to be given more time with his daughter. After this whole ordeal, any signs of behavioral improvement are good signs. Given this awarded time increase, Gibson will reportedly raked in enough hours to equate to seeing his daughter Lucinda for one day per week.

What do you think about Mel’s extended time with his daughter Lucia?

Photo: PR Photos